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The love and care we show to our animals!
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Our Staff

Our Staff, Works hard around the clock to make sure that we provide the up most respect to what matters most. #animals

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Our Team Work

We work together in many different ways. We use many forms of Video conferencing, Phones, Communication to the public. And Social Media to spread our great work.

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How we Communicate

We have weekly meeting, bi weekly, bo weekly and monthly meetings. We work hard and tirelessly to make sure that no animal is left behind.

About what we do.

Animals abuse and neglect happens everyday. And go through horrible things on a daily basis. And its up to us to give the animals a voice and stand up for them.
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Stop Animal Abuse & Neglect when a was founded on January 15, 2009 and we are a group of citizens who are trying to put an end to abuse, horrific and malicious behavior done to animals and we are here to educate people about animal abuse & neglect we also report abuse and we help people to realize what people do to animals these days. We also help with legislation in states that wants help. We’re looking for people who can help support and take a stand against animal cruelty. If you hate to see innocent animals get abuse and want to put an end to the abuse and neglect. We have recently done some changes regarding SAAAN operations such as posting on a regular basis but we will also be a media/press/news site and will also serve as a lobbying organization to petition for animal welfare laws in the 50 states and with State Government. We also would like to help get stray animals off the streets. Please feel free to join us and help take a stand. If you would like to give a helping hand to SAAAN, here are a few things you could do to help our cause: Start by sharing this Facebook page to any and all friends or family you may have, reporting any abuse to us so our research team can document it and patch through the report to your local animal control.

  • To always put animals first!

  • To stay strong and work together!

  • To Catch the Abuse in the Act

  • To work as a team.


These are main people who work hard and tirelessly to provide a voice to animals

Jacob Swauger

Owner/Founder dswauger@saaaan.org Corporate Office

Adam P

Owner/Co-Founder adam@saaan.org Corporate Office

Joey G

Executive Director jgeorge@saaan.org Corporate Office – OH

Darcy Smith

International Executive Director dsmith@saaan.org Corporate Office – Canada

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