Our Mission


Stop Animal  Abuse and Neglect (SAAAN) was founded on January 15, 2009. We are a group of citizens who are trying to put an end to abuse, horrific and malicious behavior done to animals and to help educate others about the abuse and neglect of animals. We as advocates are here for those who can not speak up for themselves and we can help others to realize what people do to animals today. We also help with legislation in states that want help.

We are the voice for those who need it!

Join the fight and help us take a stand.


Our Website is: http://saaan.org

Our Facebook Page is : http://facebook.com/saaan2009

We have made major changes recently regarding SAAAN operations: We will be posting on a regular basis but we will also be a media/press/news site and will also serve as a lobbying organization to petition for animal welfare laws in the 50 states and  with the Federal Government. We also would like to help get stray animals off the streets and into loving forever homes.
For more info on how to help, please email us at info@saaan.org

-Donald (Founder & C.E.O.)


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