Please like And Share!

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Good Evening SAAAN Fans! Pleases give this page some likes and share this is a major cause and must come to an end! END Dog Fighting & STOP Animal Abuse thanks Jacob/Admin1 And Tyler/Admin1

Support Team NORI

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Please share And join Nori on his incredible journey help us raise awareness and if you can please donate to help our bear get the treatment he so needs and deserves #TeamNORI Thanks SAAAN Jacob/Admin1 And Tyler/Admin1

Support Joe the Cat

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Please join us in support of JOE the cat, who was shot in the head with a pellet gun 17x and survived! Joe the Cat now fights against animal cruelty. There facebook page is Vote for Joe the cat at LINK 2 VOTE: *********************************** If you are new here, or have never watched […]

SAAAN Holiday Plans

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Good Evening SAAAN Fans! We are working on some plans for the Holidays As we did for the year of 2013 We are going to be putting boxes in areas for people donate pet supply’s to shelters and vet hospitals. So Make sure to see if there is a box in your area!   Some […]

Wonderful pitbull needs a home

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Good Afternoon SAAAN Fans! We have a dog that needs a wonderful home in the Texas area the dog is in Garland Tx he’s full blood pit but half blue and half red nose Please contact the owner contact info is brutes he’s neutered great with kids 972)496-0905 if we don’t answer leave a message […]

Young teen uploads video of sick animal abuse to Facebook

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Good Afternoon SAAAN Fans! if you know this person or know him report him to the local police or local animal control he shouldn’t have pets in his care due to what he did to this cat for wanting food some people dont understand some pets are homeless and need food. Winter is coming soon […]

SAAAN Closed Dates

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      The Following Dates of the year of 2014 we are closed if the Holiday falls for that SAAAN Regions Holiday NOTE ALL REGIONS ARE NOT CLOSED IF THE HOLIDAY DOSEN’T APPLY TO THAT STATE Monday Sep 1 Labor Day National holiday Saturday Sep 6 Carl Garner Federal Lands Cleanup Day Observance Sunday […]

SAAAN Research Team

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  SAAAN Is going full force with our re-search to find out what people think about abuse towards animals and what kind of abuse people see on a day to day base’s when it comes to abuse and neglect towards animals. And by doing this SAAAN will make database on our website with peoples responses […]

SAAAN Makes A Change

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      We As SAAAN we are looking into making changes and making our group biger and better if you want to become part of our team go to our Get Involved page and become part of our cause…. We help raise awareness to help prevent abuse and help find resources to find shelter […]

Kimi Peck’s Pretrial Demonstration

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Kimi Peck’s Pretrial Demonstration Serial animal hoarder Kimi Peck was arrested for animal cruelty on May 5th 2014, in Weld County, Colorado. Her reign of terror, abuse, and fraud has been going on for over 20 years, yet after each arrest for animal-related neglect, a plea deal allows her to walk. Rather than admit to any […]