A Message From Our Founder/Owner


Good Evening SAAAN fans if you get a message form someone please ignore them.We are not fake and we are not closing down! Please share this for us! We have lost a lot of Fans due to the messages and the name Change


Just a Brief Message about our change in 2016

“Stop Animal Abuse And Neglect” is still SAAAN But going into the year 2016 we will be “SAAAN Organizations” due to the fact of us growing more and going international. Facebook said that our new name would not be in effect until January 4 but it changes a little early than expected we are still the same organization doing the same work saving animals lives that do not have a voice. I would also like to make everyone aware that we are a independently owned organization.
***On the plus side we are still hiring and looking for a lot of new amazing employees to come and join us for the year 2016 if you’re interested in helping becoming a volunteer or learning more about us feel free to email us or messages on Facebook and will get you all set up


Our Owner/Founder of SAAAN


To Become a SAAAN Staff go to: http://saaan.org/becomesaaan/

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